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A great amount of bacteria can accumulate on the tongue to clean it try to brush forward by using the tooth brush or an special brush for the tongue. Floss, and brushing your teeht.
Oral higiene will allow us to prevent gum diseases and will greatly prevent cavities. It must be done with proper brushing technique and tools. In addition, due time should be devoted to make it effective.
When the brush vibrates in different directions they clean in greater depth. However, if manual brushing is done thoroughly there is no difference in the result. It is recommended to people who suffer some limitation in their manual dexterity.
You have to be careful when a tooth begins to change color or hurts when eating. It can also be an alarm signal to feel discomfort when drinking a cold drink or some very hot infusion.
The most important thing is to preserve the hard tissue of the root. The visible part of the original tooth can be lost if a complete reconstruction is to be done because of excessive loss of bone material. In any case, the Endodontics will end with the filling of the healed tooth or with a crown that replaces it.
There are very few contraindications, absolute, among those that influence the metabolism of bone. Specific infections, malignant bone tumors or radiotherapy in large doses. It is important to say that dental implants do not cause rejection in the body.
It is an ambulatory intervention, this means that the patient is treated in our dental office. The intervention is carried out in most cases by local anesthesia. In long-term interventions (complete rehabilitations, bone regeneration), intravenous sedation can be used. With the help of a doctor specialized in anesthesia.
They are provisional teeth in resin that will later be replaced by the definitive ones in ceramic of maximum aesthetics. Ceramic treatments can not be carried out in the day, it is only possible to make pre-engineered resin prosthesis, therefore not personalized.
They are indicated for those people who have lost one or several teeth due to various problems, the only drawback could be the lack of bone or other clinical circumstance, which would make it impossible to place the implant.
You can laugh again with total carelessness with the aesthetic and functional mouth; and you can chew without fear. You will also recover your phonetics with the restoration of your teeth.
The duration is the same as that of your natural teeth. The teeth placed by dental implants will look like your own. That is the objective of implantology, to recover functionality, but aesthetics plays a fundamental role in the comfort and self-esteem of the patient.
No. Only common local anesthesia is used, and neither during surgery nor in the postoperative period are there any more discomforts than in a normal extraction.
You should take regular care as if it were your natural teeth following the recommendations of your doctor.
The crowns are made of a material so resistant that sometimes they can last more than 50 years. However, due to the natural wear produced by chewing, they sometimes lose their shape and shine.
Porcelain, its main advantage is its adhesion power, resistance to abrasion and great aesthetic feeling. They do not wear out over time, they do not lose their shine and keep their color intact. There are also Composite material, they are made with the material with which the obtiraciones are made. With the passage of time they can deteriorate and darken although they are more economical. They preserve the enamel and are made in a single session.
Any patient can take them except for those who have gum problems and / or excessive dental mobility. In addition, thanks to the biocompatibility of zirconium does not produce any type of allergy.
The American Dental Association points out that there are no harmful effects to health due to the prolonged use of these bleaching gels. The only disadvantage that can occur is sensitivity in the gums during the first days.
You have to follow a "white diet" consisting of taking food without dyes for two weeks should take into account that the habits of consumption of snuff, coffee, dyes, etc., can lose the color achieved in the tooth after having made the treatment.


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